Et Alia Press

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Incorporated in the spring of 2010, Et Alia is a private small press based in Little Rock, Arkansas, with publication interests in three areas: Emerging Artists, Health and Wellness, and Local Histories. Et Alia publishes 2-4 books per year in small print-runs, basing editorial decisions on quality over market.
Emerging Artists gives voice to first-book novelists and creative writers working in highly literary genres. (Writers of formula-fiction need not apply.) Health and Wellness places special emphasis on physical, spiritual, and environmental wellbeing; the series also gives voice to practitioners of holistic and alternative medicine. Local Histories preserves and expands cultural memory in its diversity, especially valuing neglected and alternative histories.
As a matter of course, Et Alia publications will be well written and, if informative, well researched. Inquiries (via email: are welcome; unsolicited manuscripts are not. Do not send complete manuscripts unless requested to do so.